Tesla Deliveries in Israel Apparently Delayed Due to Missile Strikes

Tesla buyers in Israel are reportedly awaiting delayed Model 3 deliveries, due to ongoing missile strikes in the Gaza Strip’s Port of Ashdod, according to YNet (via Teslarati).

The Model 3 units, as were being imported from Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory, are being delayed by Tesla to ensure customer safety, in the midst of violent tensions between Palestine and Israel, which have target Ashdod, along with Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and Gaza in recent days.

Tesla’s Ashdod deliveries typically arrive beneath a large tent structure in the Israel port, which would leave employees and customers completely unprotected from the potential bomb and missile strikes, prompting Tesla’s decision to delay deliveries instead.

While Tesla is brand new to Israel, with 1,500 Model 3 units seen unloading at the Ashdod port just last week. Along with its cars, Tesla also has plans to bring its solar products and insurance programs to the country in the years to come.

Tesla also opened its first Supercharger in Israel in March, landing in Tel Aviv, with more Superchargers set to land in Haifa and Eilat later this year. The company also announced a partnership with Nofar Energy on power storage earlier this year, which is set to supply over $30 million worth of battery storage systems in Israel.