A Top-Down View of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai [VIDEO]

We recently saw the inside of Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai’s assembly department, which gives viewers a better idea of what happens inside the relatively-new factory.

In a video uploaded Wednesday by YouTube channel WU WA, we can see aerial drone footage from above Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai. The video features a regular drone flight above the factory, with the final section of the video depicting an exciting top-down view of the Shanghai site, showing the factory’s exact layout from about a third of a mile directly above.

The view of the factory is one of the more unique drone videos we’ve witnessed, despite a number of drone videos to come out since construction began on the site.

Recently, one executive from Tesla China claimed that the $25,000 Tesla, which was announced at last year’s Battery Day event, would initially be built at Tesla China and sold worldwide. The vehicle will come from the company’s in-progress Research and Design (R&D) Center.

Tesla was also recently summoned by the Chinese auto regulator over a number of quality control issues. The company followed up with a response, saying it would “strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations.”

Tesla Shanghai also plans to close its doors for two days during Chinese New Year, beginning production again on February 13th.

You can watch WU WA’s full top-down drone video of Gigafactory Shanghai below.

YouTube video