Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai Exclusive Media Tour Gets English Subtitles [VIDEO]

Last week the world saw Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai on the inside for the first time ever.

On Saturday, PC Auto‘s exclusive inside look at Gigafactory Shanghai was uploaded with full English subtitles by YouTube channel T-Study. The video features a tour of the factory’s assembly department as well as interviews with staff and details about production.

Tesla China sold an incredible amount of cars in 2020, and once you see the inside of the Shanghai factory, it’s easy to gain a little insight as to why. The factory floor is incredibly tidy, with moving workstations and toolsets for employees to use as needed. We also see the staff cafeteria, showing a variety of meals available for workers.

Despite the cleanliness of the factory’s assembly floor, the company was recently summoned by China’s regulator, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), over quality control issues with regards to unexpected accelerations, battery fires, and misbehaving over-the-air (OTA) updates. It’s just the newest in a series of regulator probes into Tesla and related recalls around the world.

Still, the company currently remains the world’s most valuable automaker, and China is the world’s largest auto market, so it’s no surprise to see the major push Tesla has made in the country within the last year alone.

In any case, Tesla’s beautiful and relatively-new Gigafactory Shanghai has big plans for 2021, and these English subtitles should provide better insight into the heart of the EV automaker’s factory in China.

YouTube video