Tesla Captures 60% of EV Market in Israel for 2021

Between January and September of this year, Tesla delivered a total of 4,689 cars to customers in Israel — reports Globes. The electric vehicle (EV) pioneer captured a whopping 60.1% of Israel’s market for 2021, despite making its debut in the country only a few months ago.

It’s been a big year for EVs in Israel — in the first three quarters of the year, a total of 7,800 electric cars were delivered. That’s a 528% increase from Q1-Q3 2020, and Tesla’s arrival played a big role in making that boom happen.

Tesla’s first deliveries to Israel consisted entirely of Model 3 units, but a 2,900-vehicle shipment back in May also included the first Model Y units to land in the country. The Model Y was recently registered with Israeli regulators, and is due to launch soon.

Tesla’s reign in Israel isn’t about to go unchallenged, as China-based EV manufacturer Geely is gearing up to enter the market in Q4. The Chinese carmaker hopes to ship the first 94 units of its Geometry EV to Israel sometime in October. Hyundai will also be making a play for market share, with 200 pre-ordered units of its Ioniq EV due to arrive in Israel before the year’s end.

Tesla should be able to maintain its lead, however. The company is expected to export another 1,500 electric cars or so from China to Israel by late October or early November.