You Can Buy a Tesla in Israel Starting in 2021: Report

Electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla has been growing significantly all over the world, and according to news of a brand new market, it has no plans to stop or slow down.

Tesla is in preparation to start marketing cars in Israel, beginning in mid-2021, as reported by Globes. The company’s hope was to enter the Israeli market this year, but the process was delayed because Tesla had trouble obtaining the import license it needed from the Ministry of Transport shorty before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which only further delayed the company’s plans.

The company plans to unveil its Models S, 3, and X in mid-2021, with the Model Y arriving by the end of 2021.

Attorney Ilan Shavit, a specialist in dealing with Israeli car imports, is now been added to Tesla’s legal team, in order to speed up the process of retaining an import license.

There have also been talks of Tesla building a service garage in central Israel, as well as working out the details of a Supercharger network to sustain the infrastructure of upcoming EVs.

While Tesla hasn’t released any prices for its Israeli imports just yet, its prices are predicted to be between NIS 310,000 ($93,295.73 USD) and NIS 322,000 ($96,907.17 USD), though other estimates have also placed the cost much lower.

In any case, every new market where Tesla’s EVs are introduced is one step towards a global zero-emission future – and that’s something we can all look forward to.