Tesla Surpasses 8,000 Supercharger Stalls Across Mainland China

Photo: Tesla (via @42how_)

After surpassing 30,000 Superchargers worldwide last week, Tesla has officially reached another Supercharger milestone in the world’s largest auto market.

Tesla has surpassed 8,000 Supercharger stalls across mainland China, according to a post shared on Tuesday by @42how_.

The news comes three months to the day after Tesla surpassed 7,000 Supercharger stalls across China meaning that the company is deploying nearly 1,000 Supercharger stalls in the country per quarter.

In September, Tesla completed its Shanghai Supercharger factory, which officially opened in February and is expected to deploy around 10,000 V3 Supercharger stalls per year.

The country also reached a total of 1,000 Tesla Supercharger stations across China last month, after having reached 760 Supercharger stations in China in March.

China remains an important market for Tesla, being both the world’s largest auto market and an important market for pioneering electric vehicle (EV) adoption, as evidenced by the Tesla Model Y Standard selling out just months after the electric sedan was introduced in the country.

China is also expected to begin receiving Tesla’s Level 2 autonomous advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), which has already been deployed in beta mode throughout the company’s home market in the U.S.

Internal code discovered earlier this month also suggests that China may receive Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta next, though it’s not clear as of yet when the move will take place.