Tesla Surpasses 7,000 Supercharger Stalls in China

Photo: Tesla via @Ray4Tesla

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to increase in popularity in the world’s largest auto market, Tesla’s personal charging network is continually growing – and it has just passed an important milestone.

Seven years after Tesla’s first Supercharger stall in China was established in Shanghai, the U.S. company has now installed over 7,000 Supercharger stalls across China, according to a post shared by Tesla (via @Ray4Tesla).

The news comes nearly five months after Tesla surpassed 6,000 stalls in China at 760 Supercharger stations in March, meaning the company is pumping out nearly 1,000 Supercharger stalls in just five months’ time. In February, Tesla had over 5,800 Supercharger stalls, showing a roughly 200 Supercharger stall increase in just a month.

February also happens to be the month Tesla launched production at its Shanghai-based Supercharger factory, which is expected to be able to produce about 10,000 Supercharger stalls per year. At a pace of 200 stalls per month, the company could even be set to outdo its own goal.

Tesla also launched the very first solar-powered Supercharger in China in June, with news earlier this year that Tesla will make 100 percent of Supercharger powered by clean energy in 2021.

Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also confirmed that Tesla will open its Supercharger network to other EVs in 2021, though it’s not yet clear if this will apply to all auto markets right away.