Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta for China Possibly Next, Suggests Code

According to developer @greentheonly, Tesla’s software code hints at China coming next.

Someone asked ‘green’ when FSD would land in Europe. That’s when he responded, “China as the next priority it looks like.”

When another user asked how @greentheonly knew this, the developer replied, “based on the code,” which says, “allow FSD if the car is in the US, or Canada or China.”

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We recently saw a U.S. FSD beta tester drive across the border into Canada to test the software, which performed admirably with mixed results.

The Chinese electric vehicle market is the biggest in the world right now and there’s a lot of competition for autonomous driving systems. For Tesla to peg China next to test FSD beta, it would definitely add yet another reason to own one of the company’s vehicles in the country.

On Wednesday evening, ‘green’ also speculated, “for all I know they are already testing in China, same as they are testing in Europe. Just the testers are under NDA.”

Again, there’s no guarantee FSD beta will make its way into China, but based on what ‘green’ is seeing, it appears the possibility is there.