Tesla Hits Milestone: 1,000 Supercharger Stations in Mainland China



Photo: Tesla (via CNEVPost)

As Tesla prepares to open its Superchargers to other brands in 2021, the company has been rapidly expanding its Supercharger network around the world – with an incredible milestone having just been reached in China on Friday.

Tesla will open its 1,000th Supercharger station on China’s mainland on Friday, established in Shenzen, according to CNEVPost. The company will also host a live broadcast on Weibo on Friday, hosting a ceremony for viewers to celebrate the event.

In September alone, Tesla established 43 Supercharger stations in China, with a total of 281 Superchargers. The company’s Supercharger factory in Shenzen also officially became operational in May, speeding up the process of rolling out its charging network in the country.

At the end of July, Tesla announced that it had reached 900 Supercharger stations in China, with over 6,900 Superchargers total. This means that Tesla China has deployed 100 Supercharger stations, most of which are V3 with a few V2 offerings, in under three months.

Tesla also launched its first solar-powered Supercharger station, located in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in China earlier this year.

Worldwide, Tesla increased its Supercharger stations by 49 percent year-over-year in Q3, as revealed during the company’s Q3 2021 earnings report call on Wednesday.


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