Tesla Supercharger Stations Increase 49% Year-over-Year in Q3



tesla supercharger hero

During Tesla’s Q3 2021 earnings, the company revealed record net income, operating profit and gross profit. The company saw $1.6 billion GAAP net income from $13.7 billion in total revenues.

When it comes to the company’s operation summary, Tesla said its Supercharger stations increased 49% year-over-year (YoY), with 3,254 total at the end of Q3. Individual Supercharger connectors are now at 29,281, an increase of 51% YoY.

When it comes to Solar deployed, Tesla said 83 megawatts (MW) were achieved, an increase of 46% YoY. As for battery pack storage in megawatt hours, Tesla says 1,295 MWh were deployed, a 71% increase YoY.

Tesla’s store and service locations now stand at 630 at the end of Q3, an increase of 35% YoY, while the company’s mobile service fleet increased 43% YoY, now at 1,190.

We saw a huge end-of-quarter push as numerous Superchargers went online. Expect Tesla to continue to ramp up its charging efforts in Q4.

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