Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Using Rear-Wheel Steering and Side-View Mirrors [VIDEO]



Photo: Bernard Maltais (via @ajtourville)

Tesla removed Cybertruck pricing and configurations until 2022 earlier this month, saying the options would again become available “as production nears in 2022.”

A new glimpse at the Cybertruck shared by Bernard Maltais on Tuesday shows a Tesla Cybertruck testing out its turn radius, and seeming to use rear-wheel steering in addition to the unit’s newly-noticed side-view mirrors (via @ajtourville).

Some are wondering if the testing video might suggest that the Cybertruck is nearing production, though it’s still unclear where or why this testing is taking place.

The footage is not very clear, as it’s pretty much “UFO” quality video. But from what it appears, it does look like the Cybertruck.

While Cybertruck production will reportedly begin in 2022, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the vehicle won’t reach volume production until 2023 – and it’s worth noting Musk’s frequent over-ambitions when discussing when certain vehicles or features might become available.

In August, the Cybertruck was officially delayed to 2022, while the vehicle before was expected to begin production as soon as the end of 2021.

Tesla also patented a number of things from the Cybertruck earlier this year, including the overall design, as well as a cool solar tonneau cover and the Cybertruck’s interface itself.

In July, Tesla also said that Cybertruck production would begin at the company’s Austin Gigafactory after it produces the Model Y.

Check out the full clip below of the Cybertruck in action:


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