Tesla Cybertruck User Interface, Other Details Revealed in Patent Filing

Cybertruck main patent

A patent filed with the USPTO on May 27, 2021, details Tesla’s Cybertruck user interface and other details, with the patent credited to Jean Helfenstein and Pawel Pietryka.

The patent includes numerous images from what looks to be the Cybertruck’s user interface. We see one screenshot showing range of possibly 610 miles for the electric pickup truck, plus what looks like the vehicle’s driving interface.

Cybertruck autopilot

Another image shows off a camping stove setup coming from the rear of the truck, with words “stove top on” and indicating “steak” and time remaining, suggesting this can be controlled from inside the Cybertruck. Camping may never be the same, ever again.

Cybertruck stovetop on

We also see the main screen of the Cybertruck, showing the date, your calendar, local weather, and news. This information is showing under a tab called ‘Today’, which is next to another called ‘Apps’, suggesting an App Store may be forthcoming. Other tabs are showing Music, Games, Store and Search.

The patent filing also details:

  • Automatic trailer hitch hookup, showing backing up to Cybertrailer
  • Cabin camera changes seats based on recognition of specific drivers
  • Automatic HVAC positions via camera to direct flow to occupant’s locations better
  • Automatically adjust side mirrors based on driver position
  • Pitch and roll orientation on screen
  • Mention of “20,000 lb trailer weight”; Tri-Motor towing capacity is currently listed at 14,000+ lb on Tesla’s website
  • Turn signal camera on display

Earlier today, another Cybertruck patent filing detailed the truck’s solar tonneau cover, capable of recharging the vehicle’s batteries.

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