Tesla Cybertruck July 2021 Update: Production in Austin After Model Y



With an unofficial order tracker for Tesla’s Cybertruck showing over 1 million pre-orders, what’s the latest update for the company’s futuristic electric truck?

In Tesla’s Q2 2021 letter to investors, the company says Cybertruck production will follow Model Y production at its upcoming Gigafactory under construction in Austin, Texas.

“We are also making progress on the industrialization of Cybertruck, which is currently planned for Austin production subsequent to Model Y,” said Tesla. This is fairly in line with what the company has said before, noting Model Y production would start first at Austin, then move to Cybertruck.

Tesla also updated its Semi truck timeline, delaying its production to 2022. Meanwhile, Model Y is still on truck to start production at its upcoming Gigafactories in Germany and Texas.

Earlier this month, CEO Elon Musk praised the Cybertruck design by saying it was “made by aliens from the future”, while also acknowledging the bold design could flop.

Musk also detailed earlier in July the Cybertruck will have rear-wheel steering, allowing all four wheels to turn to allow for tight maneuvering.

Back in May, a leak online detailed the apparent Cybertruck user interface, based on a patent filed online.

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