SpaceX Shares New Photos From Inspiration4 Mission Return



Photo: SpaceX

Last weekend, SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission successfully re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and made a safe return, and on Friday, SpaceX shared a ton of new pictures documenting the return.

SpaceX has added to its album of photos on Flickr from the Inspiration4 crew’s recent return to Earth. There are various photos from the team’s return, as well as up-close pictures of the Dragon spacecraft – which faced quite a bit of wear and tear during the mission.

Photo: SpaceX

Photo: SpaceX

In addition, SpaceX shared images during the mission from the Dragon spacecraft’s glass dome area, offering a stunning view from beyond Earth’s atmosphere while inside the Dragon. Aboard the spacecraft, the Inspiration4 conducted a wide range of health experiments to further propel future space exploration opportunities.

Viewers can also re-watch the SpaceX Inspiration4 launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In addition, Netflix has already released the first two parts of its documentary series on SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission.

Photo: SpaceX

Upon the Inspiration4 mission’s return, SpaceX head Elon Musk slammed U.S. President Joe Biden for not congratulating the newest U.S. astronauts on their return, following Musk’s electric vehicle (EV) company being snubbed by newly-proposed increased tax credits benefitting Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler instead.

The SpaceX Flickr album has grown to 1,088 images and appears it will keep getting larger, as more missions complete.


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