Tesla Resumes Model S Deliveries in the US: Report



On Saturday, Tesla began informing customers awaiting delivery of the refreshed Model S that there would be a delay in delivery, citing “recently updated” inspection standards as the cause.

This was soon confirmed to be a nationwide hold on all Model S deliveries across the U.S., and affected both the Plaid and Long Range variants.

The containment hold was later speculated to be caused by supply chain issues (in addition to an “updated inspection process”), with Tesla having trouble procuring components like white seats, carbon fiber trim, and display panels for Model S units due for delivery.

Thankfully, the hold was short-lived. In a tweet last night, Tesla investor and news-breaker Sawyer Merritt confirmed that Tesla would lift the hold on Model S deliveries come Saturday, citing a source close to the matter.

With the hold over, deliveries for both the Model S Plaid and refreshed Model S Long Range should resume shortly, and customers should see updated delivery dates for their vehicles on their order pages.

Model S Plaid deliveries being paused was quite the surprise, since Tesla’s market-dominating EV only started rolling out last month.


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