Tesla Model S Plaid Review: ‘The Most Insane Car Ever’ [VIDEO]



Photo: Andy Slye

The Tesla Model S Plaid has received nothing but rave reviews in weeks since its unveiling, with some even calling the electric vehicle (EV) a “technical tour de force,” the “fastest car in the world,” and the “best car ever created” – among other lofty titles still.

In a Tesla Model S Plaid review from Andy Slye earlier this week, Slye calls the electric sedan “the most insane car ever,” which is on-brand with other reviews since the vehicle’s release at last month’s Model S Plaid Delivery Event.

In the 18-minute video, Slye goes through multiple features of the Model S Plaid, starting with the interior, then looking at new features, including the steering yoke, and finally, taking it out for a drive.

While the steering yoke has remained a hot topic since its release with the Model S refresh released earlier this year, Slye says it shouldn’t be a factor turning any prospective buyers away, especially as the yoke helps reveal the dashboard instruments directly ahead of the driver more effectively than a steering wheel.

Slye goes on to say in his final thoughts that the Model S Plaid is the “best car Tesla has ever made,” adding that it’s worth the extra money if you have a budget for it.

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