Tesla Model S Long Range Hits 10.87 Second 1/4 Mile at Drag Strip

After starting deliveries of its new Model S Plaid last month, Tesla also started delivering Long Range versions of the refreshed sedan as well.

While the Model S Plaid has all the spotlight with its incredible 9.23 second 1/4 time, it turns out the Long Range version of the sedan is no slouch either on the drag strip.

According to Tesla Motors Club (TMC) Forums member ‘cwanja’, a friend’s Long Range Model S hit the a 1/4 mile time of 10.87 seconds—that wasn’t even on Launch Mode. This was at the Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, Texas.

“What you all have been waiting for,” explained ‘cwanja’. “As promised, friend with a [Long Range] ran a drag strip tonight. This one was NOT including launch mode. Another round coming with launch mode. I was not there. This was shared with me. Video coming,” said the user.

The Tesla Model S Long Range hit the 10.87 second 1/4 mile at a speed of 128.82 mph (207.31 kph). A screenshot of the slip times can be seen below:

Model s long range 1 4 mile

Another drag slip from the Model S Long Range was shared, this time showing a 10.86 1/4 mile at a speed of 129.75 mph (208.81 kph). This run was faster as “partial Cheetah Stance” was used. “Did not lower all the way. Shaved a hundredth of a second, 1 MPH faster,” said ‘cwanja’.

Model s long range 1 4 mile 2

With a 1/4 mile time of 10.86 seconds, that puts the Tesla Model S Long Range about on par with Honda NSX, Ford GT, Chevy Corvette C7 ZR1 and BMW M5 Competition.

Video of this Model S Long Range performing its 1/4 mile will soon hit YouTube. Stay tuned.