Hands-On: Do Adults Fit in the Tesla Model Y 7-Seater? [VIDEO]

Image: Young Tesla on YouTube

In a recently published YouTube video, Young Tesla documented his first hands-on experience with the Tesla Model Y 7-seater.

YouTube video

Orders for a 7-seat variant of the Model Y that adds a third row of seats to Tesla’s latest all-electric SUV went live back in October, with the 7-seater hitting showrooms mid-January.

From Tesla’s official video for the Model Y variant and hands-on showcases from the community, we already know that the 7-seat variant still manages to provide a fair bit of cargo space in the back, and the third row of seats can be folded down (almost) completely flat when not in use to provide even more storage space.

In his video, Young Tesla sets out to see if a fully grown adult can fit in the Model Y variant’s third row of seats. It’s the second full in-depth Model Y 7-seater we’ve seen.

With the assistance from his 5’4″ wife, the YouTuber was able to determine that the third row of seats offers plenty of legroom for anyone who’s not over 5’5″, but isn’t suitable for taller folks as they might find their heads hitting the vehicle’s glass top with bumps along the road.

The third row of seats is, however, absolutely perfect for young adults, children, and even car-seats for babies.

While the YouTuber was unable to spot USB-C ports in the third row at first glance, the 7-seat variant does have them — they’re located against the front edge of the seats, right under the cup holders.