Best Hands-On Yet: Tesla Model Y 7-Seater with Car Seat, Baby Stroller Trunk Test [VIDEO]

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YouTube channel Two Bit da Vinci has shared the best hands-on so far, with Tesla’s Model Y 7-seat option, which costs $3,000 USD.

Check it out below:

The video shows how car seats fit in the third row, while the trunk is tested with a large baby stroller. We also see the channel host Ricky from San Diego get in and out of the third row, plus fit into the second row and driver’s position with ease.

It’s interesting to note the Model Y trunk will not close if the third row headrests are up in the up position, while Ricky said his head was hitting the glass, when he tried sitting in the back. Yeah, the third row is best for kids and smaller adults, it appears.