Tesla Solar Inverter Now Available for Purchase

Image: Tesla

Tesla released a Solar Inverter, graciously bridging the only gap in its range of solar energy production and storage products.

The Solar Inverter is designed to convert stored DC power produced by Tesla’s Solar Roof or other solar panels to AC power that can power your home with an advertised efficiency of 97.5%. Not only that–the design is simple and gorgeous.

Tesla couldn’t have picked a better time to add another solar energy product to its repertoire, with demand for sustainable energy solutions at an all-time high and still climbing.

Image: Tesla

The inverter is built on technology from Powerwall 2, and is compatible with Tesla’s Powerwall products as well. The product also boasts a plethora of safety features.

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cellular connectivity allow users to monitor and control the Solar Inverter directly from their Tesla app, and also open the door for Over The Air (OTA) updates in the future.

Like Tesla’s other solar energy offerings, the Solar Inverter is available in different sizes — 3.8 kW and 7.8 kW — to best cater to consumers’ energy needs.

With the Solar Inverter added to its catalog of products, Tesla now offers complete solar energy solutions to its customers — from solar energy production with Solar Roof and storage with Powerwall to converting the stored DC power into home consumption-ready AC power with the Solar Inverter, and everything in between.