Complete Tesla Solar Roof Installation Detailed In-Depth [VIDEO]



image via Weddle and Sons Roofing on YouTube

As interest in green energy increases in North America and around the world, solar panel installations are becoming more widespread. As a leading contribution to this rising phenomena, Tesla’s Solar Roof provides some unique advantages for both commercial and residential solutions. However, most people are probably oblivious about the installation process. A new video series from Weddle and Sons Roofing shows viewers the ins and outs of a Tesla Solar Roof installation.

As one of the first videos in the series states, the installation takes place in Kansas. This particular installation marks the first Tesla Solar Roof installation in the Midwest. Though this may seem like no major accomplishment, the regional interest speaks to a larger adoption of renewable energy both in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The second video showcases the first stages of prep work. First, the workers install foot laps on the roof after removing the customer’s old roof panels. These pieces make a frame for the Tesla Solar Roof panels to snap into. Once fixed in place, installers only need to line up the rest of the panels to create appropriate spacing.

By day 3, the project completes the valley details on the roof. This allows for proper balance between panels. It also creates that sleek signature Tesla look. In total, the installation took six days.


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