Tesla is Hiring for Giga Berlin’s Battery Cell Team

Image: Tesla

After going on a hiring spree for capable engineers and filling top leadership roles back in November for its soon-to-begin battery production efforts at Giga Berlin, Tesla is now looking to fully furnish its battery production team, according to a recent LinkedIn post from the electric vehicle (EV) pioneer.

“At Tesla, we build cars and factories from the ground up. Now we do the same for batteries. Come join us in Berlin,” reads the LinkedIn post.

According to the official Tesla website, the jobs available in the battery production wing of Giga Berlin include positions in engineering, manufacturing, materials, equipment, and operations.

As always, Tesla is searching for excellence and ingenuity in each area they’re hiring for — the application form on Tesla’s website asks applicants specifically about what “exceptional work” they have done in the vertical(s) they wish to be considered for.

With the Berlin Gigafactory set to be fully operational by summer 2021, it is certainly high-time for Tesla to start rounding out the roster that will operate the facility and lead it to produce over 250 GWh/year in battery tech.