Tesla Website Recruiting Engineers for Battery Cell Team

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted a call for engineers to join the Gigafactory Berlin team. Now, the company has made it clear that they’ll need even more engineers in the years to come.

A dedicated page on Tesla’s website is calling for engineers to join the battery cell team while providing information about the company’s ongoing battery cell operations. The website also includes a contact form with a resume uploader at the end of the page for onlookers to apply.

The engineer positions related to the web page are likely going to be related to cell production, an undertaking which Tesla announced at its Battery Day event earlier this fall. The production of its own cell technology and batteries is expected to decrease the cost of EV production substantially, while helping push the world forward into zero-emissions vehicles as the standard.

On the page, Tesla wrote, “At Tesla, we build cars and factories from the ground up. Now we do the same for batteries.” The company continued, “Join us to solve the next generation of cell engineering, manufacturing, materials, equipment, and operations challenges ahead—all in one vertically-integrated team.”

As Tesla recruits more and more engineers to contribute to its battery cell production needs, the next few years are sure to be exciting in the world of EVs.