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Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas Looks Gorgeous at Sunrise [4K VIDEO]

Joe Tegtmeyer has shared a new construction update for Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory Texas with drone footage from early in the morning on Friday. As he has done before, Tegtmeyer stitched together and compiled a visual flyover of the facility, along with a detailed explanation of the progress on the site. One of the biggest highlights […]

Tesla Gigafactory Texas Sees 4680 Battery Production Equipment Arrive [VIDEO]

As Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas nears completion, one watchful user has noticed new equipment thought to be for use in 4680 battery cell production. YouTube drone pilot Jeff Roberts has spotted 4680 production equipment labeled “Anode Lines” at Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas, alluding to the company’s plans to produce its own 4680 battery cells. The words were […]

Tesla Gigafactory Austin Construction Update: Day 264 [VIDEO]

Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin has been under construction for quite some time now – 264 days to be exact – and while we could see a ton of new progress in our last Tesla Gigafactory Austin update, we get to see even more in the newest drone video. On Monday, Youtube channel Jeff Roberts shared brand […]

Tesla Gigafactory Austin Construction Update: Day 161 [VIDEO]

Unlike Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin, which was, once again, ordered by German courts to stop removing trees on the site due to snakes, Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin is coming together quite nicely and with little to no disruption. In the most recent video shared to YouTube by Jeff Roberts, he shares the happenings of Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin […]

Tesla Gigafactory Austin Progress Update from November 11 [4K VIDEO]

Tesla’s construction in both Austin and Berlin have been making leaps and bounds in progress recently. And fans and followers of the electric vehicle (EV) company, have kept in step, awaiting the day they’ll see the Cybertruck materialize before their eyes. In Jeff Roberts’ newest 4K video update of Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory, we see the […]