Check Out Tesla Gigafactory Austin Blanketed in Snow [4K VIDEO]

Earlier this year we saw a snowy update from Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin, and while it was quite the sight to see, we had no idea that it wouldn’t be the snowiest day of the year at the Texas factory

In a new video uploaded to YouTube Monday by Tesla Gigafactory Austin scout Jeff Roberts, we can see drone footage of the progress made on the Texas construction site in its 208th day of work. Oddly enough, the footage was captured following major snowstorms across the US, and especially in Texas, so the Austin factory is shown coated with a fluffy layer of snow – a strange sight to see in the hot, Southern US state.

The video depicts what appears to be a few inches of snow on the ground, for the first time snow has ever stuck to the ground significantly at the Austin, Texas factory. Still, we can see a number of recent progress updates to the construction, despite the fact that no construction is currently happening, due to the snow.

In any case, Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin is set for completion this summer, with Cybertrucks expected to begin delivering from the factory later this year. Until then, enjoy the snowy landscape on the Texas construction site, as it likely won’t ever happen again.

On Tuesday morning, Tesla’s official Twitter account shared an image of “Winter at Giga Texas”. Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied, “covered in snow & ice, roads mostly closed & no power in Austin,” referring to the winter storm wreaking havoc on the state right now.