Tesla Gigafactory Austin Construction Update: Snow Day Edition [4K VIDEO]



Snow isn’t much a catalyst for construction work, as one can imagine, nor is it common in Texas. On Sunday, Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin gave us a good picture of both, in a unique new video of the Texas construction site.

In a new video released Sunday by Jeff Roberts, we see an unlikely snowfall at the construction site of Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin. The snow renders the site silent and empty, as not much construction can be done in the midst of a snowstorm. Still, the video gives us kind of a beautiful, rare look at the site, until the lens becomes unfortunately covered in snow too.

One benefit of the snow update video is that Jeff is able to fly awfully low to the ground, since there are no workers on the site. We can see many of the recent updates of Jeff’s video on day 161, including some new steel structures and other columns.

You can watch the full snow day edition update on Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas below:

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is expected to be complete by May 2021, with the company’s highly-anticipated Cybertruck production beginning shortly after, and delivering by the end of 2021. As the company nears completion, it will also begin constructing Terafactory Austin, a lithium mining site where it also plans to produce its own lithium-ion batteries.

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