Tesla Gigafactory Austin Construction Update: Day 264 [VIDEO]

Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin has been under construction for quite some time now – 264 days to be exact – and while we could see a ton of new progress in our last Tesla Gigafactory Austin update, we get to see even more in the newest drone video.

On Monday, Youtube channel Jeff Roberts shared brand new drone footage of Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas, shot on Monday, which was the construction site’s 264th day in progress.

The footage shows major updates to the steel structures on the site’s battery cell area, new concrete footings being poured in the casting area to the site’s north, and a bunch of new roof insulation to the west side of the north-central building, among other updates.

Completion of the Austin Gigafactory will allow Tesla to begin production on the highly-anticipated Cybertruck. Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared that Cybertruck updates would be likely to come in the second quarter – which we’ve just entered in this fiscal year.

A later rumor holds that Cybertruck production is likely to begin in June, and if the construction site keeps progressing at the rate it has been, it seems likely to be complete, or at least nearly complete, by that time.

YouTube video