Tesla to Address NHTSA Safety Concerns Over ‘Boombox’ Feature Again

Following Tesla’s software update to fix the “Boombox” feature after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a safety recall in February, the automaker is now adding more vehicles to the number affected by the issue. Tesla is now adding extra vehicles to the prior recall over the EV’s pedestrian warning system. While the […]

Tesla Software Update to Fix ‘Boombox’ Issue After NHTSA Safety Recall

Tesla again is facing another safety recall from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This time, it involves the company’s ‘Boombox’ speaker that can play sound while driving and block out the audible warnings from the pedestrian warning speaker. The NHTSA safety recall posted Thursday says it affects 579,000 vehicles (via Seeking Alpha): 2017-2022 Model […]

Tesla’s ‘Boombox’ Feature Now Available in Europe

Tesla’s external speaker Boombox feature was unveiled in Tesla’s holiday update in December 2020, and it offers cars built in the U.S. after September 2019 a mandatory acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS), which creates artificial noise outside the car to warn surrounding pedestrians and vehicles. In an update Thursday from @Tesla_Adri, it appears that Tesla’s […]

Tesla Boombox Custom Sounds: Download MP3s Here, Over 70 Free [VIDEO]

If you’re looking to download custom sounds for Tesla’s Boombox feature, owner Chris Whitton has created a compilation of 70 MP3s to get you started right away. The following video demonstrates all 70 sounds he put together, which includes a variety of songs, sound effects and more, including the likes of Toto’s Africa, Mario Kart race […]

Tesla Boombox Retrofit on Older Cars Might Be Possible Says Elon Musk

Tesla’s Boombox feature in its latest 2020 holiday software update appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. The feature allows Teslas with external speakers built-in (those built after September 2019 it appears) to play custom sounds and MP3s, opening a Pandora’s box of new potential for pranks and other uses. External speakers were […]

How to Play Custom Sounds or MP3s with Tesla Boombox

One of the most exciting features Software Version 2020.48.26 brings to your Tesla (provided that you have one with an external speaker) is Boombox. The feature is an addition to the Toybox that lets you set incredibly fun sounds as your Tesla’s horn or summon sound, play the music of your choice while you’re driving, and […]