First Tesla 2021 Model 3 Refresh Deliveries Hit Australia

Tesla’s 2021 Model 3 comes with a number of exciting updates and is set for delivery around the world over the next few months. Australia’s first refreshed 2021 Model 3 has arrived, according to The Driven, and with many more on the way, those with Tesla reservations are likely getting excited right about now. This […]

Tesla Working with Neoen on Australia’s Biggest Battery Yet

France-based renewable energy company Neoen is working with energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla on what will be Australia’s biggest battery yet. Tuesday, Tesla and Neoen began installing the battery site in Victoria at a groundbreaking event ceremony near Geelong, as reported by Renew Economy. Victoria energy and climate minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, was […]

Australian City to Fine Drivers Blocking EV Chargers

Traditional gas car drivers that park in electric vehicle (EV) charging spots will now be held accountable, and even fined, for their actions in Australia. On Sunday, CarExpert reported that gas cars parked in EV charging spots in Victoria could cause owners up to $330.44 in fines, a victory for EV owners down under. Similar […]

Tesla Raises Supercharging Price in Australia and New Zealand

Recently, Tesla has announced a whole slew of new Supercharger locations around the world, refreshes, price drops, and upgrades to its entire line, as well as the continued progress of its Gigafactory Berlin and Terafactory Texas sites. But with everything going so well for the electric-vehicle (EV) giant, why the need to silently raise charging […]

Starlink Australia Gets Carrier License, Exiting Stealth Mode

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has helped his company SpaceX make strides in both space travel and low-Earth orbit satellite internet. Now, it’s beginning to expand its reach around the globe in a figurative sense, too. SpaceX’s Starlink project has garnered an Australian carrier license, changing its name from TIBRO to Starlink Australia Pty Ltd, according […]