Apple Adds 15 More Drivers to its Autonomous Vehicle Program

As driverless vehicles slowly emerge as a reality, many companies are adding to their testing and self-driving fleets as shared by California’s largest motor vehicle agency. Apple added 15 drivers to its autonomous testing since June, while Waymo and Cruise added significantly to their driverless fleets, according to a notice from the California DMV (via […]

SpaceX Starlink App Hits Nearly 2.3 Million Downloads: Report

Starlink’s satellite internet service is expanding rapidly across the globe, and a new report shows that the mobile app is becoming more popular as its subscriber-base grows. SpaceX’s Starlink mobile app has made it into the top 100 downloaded apps in the Apple iPhone’s App Store for the first time, as reported by PC Mag […]

Apple Overtakes Tesla as the Most-Shorted Stock in the U.S.

As many of Tesla’s short-sellers have faded away in recent months, another technology company has taken the throne as the tactic’s new most common target. Apple has overtaken Tesla to become the most-shorted stock in the U.S., after the automaker held that spot for 864 days, as Business Insider reports. Short interest in Tesla currently […]

SpaceX Has Talked to Apple About Starlink Connectivity for iPhone: Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Thursday the company has held talks with Apple for SpaceX Starlink connectivity for the iPhone. Just yesterday, Apple announced its new iPhone 14 lineup will support Emergency SOS with satellite, a feature that allows for communications when no cell signals or Wi-Fi is available. Apple is partnering with Globalstar […]

Tesla Replaces Apple as Top-Held Stock on Robinhood

While Tesla’s stock has remained polarizing for investors, retail investors are a little more supportive of the automaker’s shares — especially given that it has become the top-traded stock on a popular trading app. Tesla has replaced Apple as the top-held stock on the trading platform Robinhood, according to a report on Thursday from The […]

Apple Self-Driving Software Nearly Hits Jogger; Car Project Struggling, Says Report

As Apple’s autonomous car project, dubbed internally as “Project Titan,” remains relatively immature, some backup drivers have had to intervene during tests — with one self-driving vehicle nearly hitting a pedestrian. According to a report from The Information, Apple’s self-driving car project nearly hit a jogger crossing the street earlier this year, signaling larger struggles […]

Apple Hiring ‘Car Experience Partner Engineer’ in China

A new job listing shows that Apple is seeking an automotive software engineer in the world’s largest auto market, ahead of the iPhone maker’s plans to develop its own vehicle. Apple is hiring a Car Experience Partner Engineer in China, according to a job listing on the company’s website (via CnEVPost). The position asks for […]

Polestar Confirms Next-Gen Apple CarPlay Support is Coming

Apple previewed its next version of CarPlay yesterday at its annual developers conference known as WWDC, showcasing a new design that supports multiple screens, widgets and more. Many suspected this was a hint at what an operating system for a future Apple vehicle could look like. But for now, CarPlay remains a free software integration […]

Tesla Apple CarPlay Hack Teases Second Alpha Build [VIDEO]

Polish developer Michał Gapiński (@mikegapinski) has released a preview for the second alpha of “Tesla Android,” his custom solution for running Apple CarPlay on a Tesla through Google’s Android OS, he explains to Tesla North. Tesla owners have been requesting CarPlay support for years now, albeit to no avail. Gapiński decided to take matters into […]

Tesla AirPlay Support, Lossless Audio Will Be Discussed with Team: Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this week that he would “discuss” adding Apple AirPlay support to the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) after one Tesla owner requested the feature on Twitter. The Twitter user in question said they weren’t satisfied with the audio quality limitations of Bluetooth, which Tesla owners have to rely on to […]

Apple Patent Details Autonomous Driving Guidance System with Voice Commands

As Apple’s mysterious self-driving car project continues to test and grow behind the scenes, a new patent related to the company’s possible car tech was published this week. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent from Apple on Tuesday relating to autonomous driving and an advanced “Guidance System” that fine-tunes final destinations, according […]
Desi Ujkashevic

Apple Recruits Ford Veteran of 31 Years for Electric Car Project

Apple has recruited Desi Ujkashevic, a former Ford Director of Auto Safety Engineering, for its self-driving vehicle project, according to sources familiar with the matter and as reported by Bloomberg. Ujkashevic worked at Ford since 1991 prior to the switch, and before working as a director for safety engineering, she oversaw interior, exterior, chassis and […]