Apple Maps to Get Real-Time EV Charging Features

Apple maps ev charging

Apple has announced a significant enhancement to its Apple Maps service in iOS 17, aiming to better support the growing number of electric vehicle (EV) users. A new feature will enable drivers to see real-time availability of charging stations along their routes, providing a significant boost to the practicality of electric vehicle usage.

The new feature promises a seamless driving experience for EV owners by offering real-time information about charging stations, and users can even filter these stations by charging network, plug type, and more. This live data feed ensures drivers can plan their journeys with added confidence, knowing that a charging station will be available when they need it.

Another impressive aspect of the update is the ability for users to set a preferred charging network. This personalization feature enables compatibility with users’ specific vehicles, enhancing the overall user experience of Apple Maps.

This commitment from Apple underscores the growing importance of electric vehicles in the global automotive landscape and marks another step forward in supporting eco-friendly travel options. It also showcases Apple’s continuous push for integrating technology with everyday needs, driving towards a greener future.

How to use this new feature in iOS 17 when it releases this fall? Search in Apple Maps will show ‘Ev Battery Charger’ and you can ‘search nearby’ to see all the open chargers near you. You can also specify your search by plug types (CHAdeMO; J1772; CCS1) and networks (ChargePoint; FLO), while also sorting results by best match, distance or ratings. There was no network choice to show only Tesla Superchargers in our tests with Apple Maps in iOS 17.

With the release of iOS 17 (currently in beta for developers to test), Apple Maps users can look forward to a more integrated and convenient EV driving experience, allowing them to plan their trips with more efficiency and ease.