Tesla to Announce First Quarter Results on April 29th, 2020

Tesla recently announced the official date for its first quarter financial results. The company also announced that there will be a question and answer webcast to follow the financial reports. As it stands now, the Q+A webcast from Tesla management will be held Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time (6:30 p.m. Eastern […]

What Is It Like to Drive the Tesla Model Y? [VIDEO]

  The Tesla Model Y continues to generate curiosity for people of all kinds. Those with some experience with Tesla’s electric vehicles have already noted some new features such as the wheel wells and the storage space. A new video review posted to YouTube by Rocketman gives viewers an insight into the driving experience of […]

Model Y Teardown Video Looks at PDC, 12V Power, and ADAS Hardware

  Experienced Tesla owners and new drivers alike continue to explore the features of the Tesla Model Y. In another breakdown video from Munro Live, viewers get some comprehensive insights on the center-mounted PDC, 12V power, and version three of the ADAS hardware. As you may (or may not) know, the acronym PDC stands for […]

Missouri City Presents $1 Billion Offer for Tesla Cybertruck Factory

Since its initial announcement, the Tesla Cybertruck has been a vehicle that’s on everyone’s radar. Even those who aren’t familiar with Tesla’s vehicles (or electric vehicles in general) probably recognize the Cybertruck from some of its viral launch videos. Since the hype began, Tesla continues its search for a Cybertruck factory. A new incentive package […]

How Does the Tesla Model Y Rank as a Family SUV? [VIDEO]

The Tesla Model Y brought a lot of attention to the current landscape of different electric vehicle formats. More popular offerings such as the Tesla Model S and Model X presented an electric vehicle that appeared more centered on style and performance than day to day driving. While this stylistic choice certainly suited some consumers, […]

Tesla Stock Jumps Up 60% in the Past Week

Tesla’s stock price took a positive up turn over the past seven days. The rally followed some positive reports from the company itself. New stock market analysts also shared positive predictions for the future of the electric vehicle and green energy manufacturer. The price of Tesla Inc.’s (TSLA) stock currently sits at 709.89 USD as […]

Teardown Showcases Tesla Model Y Wiring in New Video

Tesla enthusiasts around the world continue to dissect the new Tesla Model Y. Apart from some of the more obvious features such as the ample trunk storage space and off-road capabilities, it’s been fascinating to take a look at the vehicle’s insides. As part of an ongoing series focused on the Model Y, Munro Live […]

Tesla Seeks Rent Reductions During Coronavirus Outbreak

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. has some more problems as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. As operations in North America slow down due to the global pandemic, the company seeks rent reductions from some of its landlords. While there’s only confirmation that Tesla asked for reduced rents in some of its locations, the full […]

Construction Halted on Tesla Berlin Gigafactory

The current year’s already thrown some substantial problems at electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc.,. The coronavirus outbreak in China created some early issues with some Model 3 chip shipments. Later on, in North America, the acceleration of the outbreak (now a global pandemic) led to shutdowns of some of Tesla’s key operational facilities. However, a […]

Demand Rises for Tesla’s China-Made Model 3

It appears that demand is already quite high for Tesla Model 3s made in Shanghai. As Tesla recently began development at its Gigafactory 3 located in Shanghai, customers are eager to get their hands on the China-made Model 3. Even though Shanghai Giga will only be producing the Model 3 Performance and Long-Range Model 3s […]
tesla selfie cam

Tesla Model 3 In-Cabin Selfie Camera Explained

image via Twitter For some time now, drivers have been curious about the in-cabin selfie cam installed in the Tesla Model 3. There’s some good reasons to question the design, too. It may have been easy to assume that the selfie cam existed to enhance security. However, some new information has come to light. In […]