2021 Tesla Model S, Model X Refresh to Start Production in February: Rumor

Tesla periodically refreshes its cars with small, incremental changes. These changes quickly become the talk of the Tesla community when they do, and it isn’t hard to figure out why. The latest comes regarding the anticipated rumour of a refresh for the Model S and Model X.

On Thursday, Tesla Owners Online (@Model3Owners) said, “Latest info going around points to Model S/X lines were merged during the production halt (lines haven’t resumed yet though) Likely to increase efficiency and free up space at the factory but what they will use the space for is up for debate. Refresh still unconfirmed.”

According to one reply from @harshalhbhosale, “Refresh is confirmed according to my source (works at Fremont). Feb first week SoP (start of production) for refresh Model S, March first week SoP for refresh Model X. This was also kinda confirmed by @AlternateJones, his service advisor told him to expect his Model X in March.”

Of course, like any piece of unverified information, the rumor could certainly turn out to be nothing at all.

While it seems to make sense that the current shutdown of Tesla’s Model S and Model X lines likely means that they are merging the two, with plans to begin re-working the lines entirely and producing by February, it’s also entirely possible that Tesla needs to sell its remaining stock of Model S and X units before it starts producing a refreshed line.

Tesla halted its Model S and Model X production lines back in December.

Still, we’ll be keeping a close eye on that production line in the weeks and months to come – and hopefully we’ll see refreshed lines on the other side of the quarter.

Update: According to @teslaownersSV, they noted this evening Tesla will “give an update on the s/x refresh during earnings call on January 27.”