Tesla Service Center Coming to Knoxville, Tennessee

Tesla’s growth is worldwide right now, but that doesn’t mean that the company has completed its growth plans in its home in the United States.

In a new post on Reddit, user u/clarksonianpause confirmed that Tesla is currently building a new service center in Knoxville, Tennessee. The post, as shared in the Tesla Motors subreddit, says that, while the move hasn’t been officially announced yet, the company already has crews working to build out the area’s former Sears Auto Center at the Knoxville West Town Mall.

The user found information on a contractor bidding portal that revealed full specs for a vehicle showroom for up to four vehicles, with a service center and customer lounge, as well as one Supercharger and 10 standard chargers on the site.

In 2020, Tesla stated internally that it had plans to open a new service center nearly every week in 2021. If this is the case, then Knoxville’s service center is just one of many to come this year from the company.

As the world continues to transition from traditional gas cars to electric vehicles (EVs), Tesla customers will certainly need to rely on service centers. Working on EVs isn’t common knowledge yet, and it’ll take Tesla to continue offering service centers to help make that change happen, and ultimately, to make sure Tesla owners are getting the work they need on their cars.