Tesla to Open New Service Centers Every Week in 2021: Report

For those interested in zero-emission vehicles, now feels like the perfect time to be alive – but for customers with zero-emission vehicles, vehicle service is seriously lacking in comparison with gas cars, and Tesla is no stranger to the problem.

Now, Tesla has stated internally that it would be getting ready to make a massive push towards expanding its service centers, in an attempt to keep up with its increasingly impressive global sales, according to unnamed sources speaking to Electrek.

With Tesla’s deliveries having increased almost 50% year-over-year in the past 12 months, and a customer fleet of over 1 million electric vehicles (EVs), it’s a bit alarming that the company’s service centers only expanded by 12%, with its mobile service fleet expanding by only 8%.


Some Tesla owners have criticized the company for poor service and quality control, so increasing service centers will allow for faster fixes for any issues that may arise.

In either case, hopefully, the next few years will bring a number of service centers to Tesla fans around the world, so the company can put to rest its reputation for quality once and for all, ultimately furthering the world’s transition to zero-emission vehicles.