Brand New Tesla Model Y Roof Apparently Falls Off While Driving on Freeway

A user on Reddit has just reported an unfortunate and truly-newsworthy low in quality control for a new Tesla Model Y.

User u/Indescribables was driving home from the Tesla dealership in their dad’s new Model Y, when the glass roof came off in its entirety on the freeway.

In the original post, the user wrote, “Everything was going fine and we were driving back home when we started to hear a ton of wind.” They continued, “I thought maybe a window was open but a minute later the entire glass roof just blew off. After a brief panic we turned around and drove the new Tesla convertible back to the dealership.”

The dealership personnel told the man that the seal for the roof was faulty or the factory may have just forgotten to seal the roof on. Either case would show a major miss in the quality control department, and how that happens to the extent of losing a roof is difficult to say.

Below is an image added later in the comments:

While Tesla has had a few quality issues in the past, nothing has happened quite as striking as a roof falling off. It isn’t nearly as bad as every Polestar 2 being recalled, but hopefully, this will make for the last story of its kind from Tesla.