Tesla Model 3 Claims Second Month as U.K.’s Best Selling Car

Tesla’s international footprint continues to spread. As the company recently unveiled plans to create more Supercharger stations in China, they also continue to develop a new factory in Berlin, Germany. Alongside these international developments, the U.K. shows some interesting statistics about the sales performance of the Tesla Model 3. A new piece from Market Watch […]

Tesla Plans to Install Several New Superchargers in China

Perhaps even more impressive than Tesla’s innovative electric vehicles is the fact that the company also created a charging infrastructure network for drivers. In North America, Tesla Supercharger expansion has experienced steady growth since its inception. As more vehicles sell and more drivers take to the roads, the demand for convenient access to charging stations […]

Tesla Model Y Gets Review and Test Drive by The Detroit News

On the market in North America for about three months now, the Tesla Model Y continues to gather impressions from the public. While the vehicle has some minor preferential flaws, the overwhelming majority of reviews have been positive. The electric vehicle boasts impressive battery range, surprising performance numbers, and some cozy interior design features. In […]

Tesla Employee at New York Factory Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc. continues its battles against the coronavirus outbreak in the United States and elsewhere. Earlier in the first quarter of 2020, the company had to shut down its main production facility in Fremont, California in order to comply with local health and safety regulations. The closure led to a series of […]

TesMat for Tesla Model 3 Gets In-Depth Review [VIDEO]

image via The Tech of Tech YouTube As more drivers use their Tesla electric vehicles for long road trips, many of them are searching for ways to make use of the vehicle overnight. While the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y offers some spacious room in the back seats, drivers aren’t always to use the […]

Tulsa Makes More Efforts to Entice a Tesla Factory

image via Tulsa World Tulsa and Tesla continue their odd relationship this week as the Oklahoma city stays steadfast in their efforts to bring a Tesla factory to Tulsa. The Tulsa campaign began earlier in the year when the city used a series of memes to attract Tesla’s attention. Though the focus of the media […]

Tesla Model 3 Driver Slams Right into Overturned Truck on Highway

The world of electric vehicles always brings some exciting news stories. Stories relating to the safety and efficacy of new autonomous vehicle technology carry a particular flair of excitement and controversy. Of course, Tesla’s Autopilot feature sits as one of the most comprehensive automatic driving systems available on today’s market. As such, stories about its […]

Tesla Model 3 All Weather Protection Kit Launches in US and Canada

image via Tesla.com A new and important Model 3 accessory hit the Tesla online store this week. Model 3 owners looking to protect their electric vehicle from the harsh outdoor elements are happy to discover the Model 3 All Weather Protection Kit. With the Model 3 remaining a top seller for Tesla, accessories like this […]

Tesla Faces Lawsuit in Canada Over Model 3 Paint Job

Tesla has a new lawsuit on its hands in Canada. While some common complaints have come up in the past in relation to the Tesla Model 3’s paint job, the most recent ones led to legal action. The complaints, brought forth by a man named Jean-François Bellerose, focus on some glaring problems with the paint […]

Car and Driver Puts Model 3 to the Test with a Long Road Trip

As seen in a recent report released by the state of California, the Tesla Model 3 sold more cars than any other across the state. As a major milestone for electric vehicle maker Tesla and electric vehicles in general, the Tesla Model 3 continues to deliver a luxury driving experience with impressive performance metrics and […]

Tutorial – Setting Wipers and Washers in Tesla Model Y

image via Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual In this week’s Tesla Model Y tutorial we’ll take a closer look at the vehicle’s wipers and washers. With a range of options available to drivers, it’s helpful to know how to maximize these controls in the Model Y. The tutorial syncs up with the Tesla Model Y […]

Tesla Asks Shareholders to Vote on Advertising Efforts

It’s strange but true: Tesla Inc. has never advertised. Sure, they’ve released some hyped up videos from time to time on their YouTube channel. The company also holds a strong reputation for its salacious live reveal events every time a new vehicle comes to the forefront. However, the company still relies on the quality of […]

Tesla Model 3 Tops Best Selling Car in California for Q1 2020: Report

image via California Auto Outlook The California Auto Outlook recently released a new report covering the first quarter of 2020. While the report takes an in-depth look at several aspects of the vehicle industry and market in California, it also shares some good news for Tesla owners. The Tesla Model 3 sold 18,856 registered vehicles […]