Tesla Loses Market Share in the Netherlands in October

The Tesla Model 3 led Dutch EV sales for September, with 977 units sold, totaling 11% of the total market share. With the Kia Niro right behind it (749 units sold with 11% market share), onlookers were uncertain about the future of the charts, and October has brought with it new developments to outsiders.

In a new report courtesy of EV Sales Blogspot, Tesla has lost its front-seller position to the Kia Niro, and has dropped in market share to just 9% in the month of October. While Tesla is expected to have a strong Q4, it’ll be fascinating to see how the two fare against each other in months to come.

Overall in the Dutch market, the Volkswagen ID.3 saw 2,789 units sold in October, far more than any other EV or plugin electric vehicle (PEV) on the market. Currently holding about 7% of the Dutch market and third in total sales year-to-date, the ID.3 is poised to potentially overtake the Kia Niro and the Tesla Model 3 for 2020’s top-selling EV.

Only time will tell which vehicle is the victor of the 2020 Dutch EV market. One thing is for sure, however: EVs are on the rise globally, and we’re unlikely to see that trend change anytime soon.