Tesla Model 3 Leads EV Sales in the Netherlands for September

The electric vehicle (EV) market is on an upward trend right now, and while the pandemic may have been a bump in the road, it may have actually helped the market in some places.

According to EV Sales, despite the Dutch EV market dropping to -3% YoY in September, the crash of the overall market ultimately increased the country’s PEV market share to 27%. The top 5 EVs sold in September in the Netherlands were the Tesla Model 3, the Kia Niro, the VW ID.3, the Polestar 2, and the Hyundai Kona.

As expected, Tesla’s Model 3 topped charts with 977 units sold. The other car brands sold 749, 609, 478, and 397 units, respectively. For a short time earlier in the year, the Kia Niro was on top of the Dutch market, but the Model 3 has since surpassed it.

Even more interesting, however, is the fact that the Tesla Model 3 has sold 4,307 units year-to-date in the Netherlands, while the Kia Niro has sold 4,289 units in the country, placing the two vehicles virtually neck and neck.

In addition to the Model 3 and the Niro duking it out, the Renault Zoe and Skoda Citigo EVs each jumped a position, both overtaking the Nissan Leaf to land in spots 8 and 9, respectively.

Whatever the global and regional EV markets hold for the remainder of the pandemic, one thing’s for sure: EVs are here to stay, and any car company not willing to make them had better get out of the way.