The Witcher Might Be Coming to Your Tesla Teases Elon Musk



The Witcher 3 may be coming to a Tesla infotainment system near you. Photo: CD Projekt Red

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been known for his internet charm for quite some time. Musk’s feed consists of a number of jokes, release announcements, and other fun information, and one recent Tweet has fans of The Witcher franchise questioning everything.

Musk, after tweeting “Toss a bitcoin to ur Witcher,” was asked if The Witcher will become available in Teslas, to which he responded with a tweet of the smirking face emoji – signifying a high likelihood for The Witcher game to become available to play on Tesla’s infotainment system.

Earlier this year, Tesla announced job listings for Software and UI teams for its own upcoming Austin, Texas game studio. While the studio is far from a reality, Musk and Tesla have made it clear a number of times that gaming inside one’s Tesla is high on the priority list.

Tesla owners can already play games in the infotainment system’s browser with the Use of Google Stadia, as well as through emulation. However, these can drastically affect frame rate and performance in general, so owners will likely look forward to using Tesla’s onboard console games for the best effect.

As gaming inside one’s Tesla quickly becomes a reality, we can already imagine how much faster charge sessions will go once games are more readily accessible.


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