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Former GM Engineer Compares Tesla Model Y and Model 3 [VIDEO]

Of course, there are many ways in which the Tesla Model Y stands out from previous Tesla electric vehicles. When compared to the Model 3, it’s easy to see some simple differences and commonalities. However, when examined and compared by a former GM engineer, some of these differences become that much more obvious. In a […]

How to Remove Tesla Model 3 Door Handles [VIDEO]

Tesla drivers looking to perform custom modifications or upgrades may be wondering how to remove the Tesla Model 3 door handles. A new video posted to YouTube by Matthew Stitt shows viewers how to navigate each and every step of the process. To begin, it’s necessary to remove the door panel and tweeter. To remove […]

Demand Rises for Tesla’s China-Made Model 3

It appears that demand is already quite high for Tesla Model 3s made in Shanghai. As Tesla recently began development at its Gigafactory 3 located in Shanghai, customers are eager to get their hands on the China-made Model 3. Even though Shanghai Giga will only be producing the Model 3 Performance and Long-Range Model 3s […]
tesla selfie cam

Tesla Model 3 In-Cabin Selfie Camera Explained

image via Twitter For some time now, drivers have been curious about the in-cabin selfie cam installed in the Tesla Model 3. There’s some good reasons to question the design, too. It may have been easy to assume that the selfie cam existed to enhance security. However, some new information has come to light. In […]

Comparing the Model Y Back Seat to the Model 3 and Model X [VIDEO]

As new drivers and experienced Tesla fans get their hands on the new Model Y, more information becomes known. The new electric vehicle has received excellent reviews on nearly every measurable factor. So how does the Model Y back seat compare to the back seats from previous models? In a new video from i1Tesla, viewers […]

New Video Demonstrates Tesla Touchless Delivery Process in Belgium

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect nearly every aspect of the economy, Tesla has begun making use of a new touchless delivery system. Touchless deliveries aim to reduce human to human contact while still providing an easy delivery experience. Touchless deliveries have been rolled out to match the demand for Tesla’s new Model Y […]

Tesla Model Y vs Model 3 Review Detailed in New Video

With Tesla Model Y deliveries continuing to arrive, drivers are combing over the many features and details of the new electric vehicle. But many people are still wondering what separates the Model Y from the Model 3. In a new video from Jon Rettinger, the key differences between the two are inspected in detail. On […]

Tesla Has Some New Trouble in China Over Downgraded Model 3 Chips

Tesla has found its way into some new trouble among the Chinese government. When the electric vehicle manufacturer failed to outfit some Model 3’s with the latest computer chip, people were angry. The issue resulted from a problem with Tesla’s supply chain in China. Tesla initially owned up to the snafu and assured buyers to […]

Tesla Model 3 Long Range to See Chinese Production in the Near Future

China has approved production for the Tesla Model 3 Long Range. As of Friday, March 5th, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology gave electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc., the go-ahead. Tesla also has plans to expand its manufacturing for other models. The Model Y SUV may also see the production phase on Chinese soil. […]