Wichita, Kansas Offers Bid for Tesla Cybertruck Factory

The location for the new Tesla Cybertruck factory has yet to be determined. In a series of bids ranging from sincere to humorous, many cities across the United States continue to vie for the attention of the electric vehicle manufacturer. In a recent bid, developers in Wichita, Kansas throw their offer onto the pile. According […]

Elon Musk Teases Information About Potential Cybertruck Factory Location

Speculation over the location of the new Tesla Cybertruck factory continues to confound Tesla enthusiasts. There have been some unique suggestions thus far. Earlier in the year, Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk tweeted to suggest the factory might be located in the central US. Some unconventional bid proposals from various US cities have further mystified […]

Tesla Announces Some Changes to Cybertruck Design

The Tesla Cybertruck remains a popular subject of discussion among electric vehicle enthusiasts. Initial launch demonstrations hyped the Cybertruck up from the start. Since then, there have been several talks about the final product. There have also been some interesting bids by cities aiming to attract a Tesla Cybertruck factory. In any case, Tesla CEO […]

Missouri City Presents $1 Billion Offer for Tesla Cybertruck Factory

Since its initial announcement, the Tesla Cybertruck has been a vehicle that’s on everyone’s radar. Even those who aren’t familiar with Tesla’s vehicles (or electric vehicles in general) probably recognize the Cybertruck from some of its viral launch videos. Since the hype began, Tesla continues its search for a Cybertruck factory. A new incentive package […]

April Fools: The Cybertruck Will Not See a Redesign

In a shocking turn of events, people were surprised to see the new Tesla Cybertruck redesign. Photos of a blockier, almost awkward layout baffled Tesla enthusiasts around the globe. With stories and reports of the redesign quickly gaining steam in the media, many people forgot to consider something. The redesign was posted on April 1st, […]

These Are the Top 10 Countries Placing Tesla Cybertruck Pre-orders

The Tesla Cybertruck has been a hot topic of discussion since its first day. There’s a lot to digest. Unique features from past electric vehicles adapted to a truck. A viral press conference reveal with a broken window. Tesla’s search for the perfect place for a new factory. With all these subjects surrounding the Cybertruck’s […]