Tesla Says Cybertruck Deliveries Start in November

Tesla has announced it will begin Cybertruck deliveries starting in November, as noted in its Q3 earnings release.

“At Gigafactory Texas, we began pilot production of the Cybertruck, which remains on track for initial deliveries this year,” said Tesla on Wednesday. Tesla says the production capacity of Giga Texas to manufacture Cybertruck is at up to 125,000 units annually.

“Production of our higher density 4680 cell is progressing as planned, and we continue building capacity for cathode production and lithium refining in the U.S.”, said Tesla.

Cybertruck will use an 800-volt architecture, bringing “notable cost savings” thanks to its high voltage powertrain architecture.

“Cybertruck deliveries remain on track for later this year. In addition, we continue to make progress on our next generation platform,” said Tesla.

Tesla later said on X Cybertruck deliveries will start on November 30 at Giga Texas.

Tesla also shared that a Cybertruck delivery event will take place at Giga Texas and revealed the event art: