Stories by Sarah Lee-Jones

Tesla Maintains Steady Orders and Demand During Pandemic

Many would think that any vehicle-related product or market would drop in sales during the pandemic. However, Tesla has been staying strong and keeping investors happy. When interviewed on Automotive News’ Daily Drive Podcast, CEO Elon Musk made a statement about how Tesla remained strong during the pandemic: “We saw strong orders through the whole […]

General Motors to Expand Charging Network By Partnering with EVGo

General Motors is partnering with EVGo to install 2,700 new fast chargers throughout the United States. With the two companies recently announcing their plan, we can expect the next five years to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) industry. These fast chargers will be more convenient with compatibility for multiple electric vehicle models.As reported by CNN, […]

All Vehicles in British Columbia to be Fully Electric by 2040

British Columbia is already known to have one of the largest charging networks in Canada, with government incentives that encourage purchasing electric vehicles. The province recently announced that they were to implement some new regulations to hit their 100% electric vehicle by 2040. The province had already revealed their plans back in 2018. As reported […]

China’s Kandi Launching Cheap Electric Vehicles in the U.S.

Huge companies like Tesla may come to mind when talking about electric vehicles. However, a new Chinese competitor Kandi Technologies has recently taken the stock market by storm. As reported by Business Insider, shares for Kandi Technologies have risen by nearly 350% following their announcement. The company revealed that they would launch two electric vehicles […]

Modified Tesla Model Y is One of the World’s Fastest SUVs [VIDEO]

Recently, there was a test done to see which vehicle was the fastest SUV on a track, with several popular brands making the cut. As reported by InsideEVs, this was the first official track test of the modified Tesla Model Y. Owned by Canadian Sasha Anis from Mountain Pass Performance, the company started making adjustments […]

GMC Hummer EV Teaser Features NBA Superstar LeBron James [VIDEO]

GMC teased its upcoming Hummer EV yesterday, which is set to launch this fall with pre-orders. A new teaser video has NBA superstar LeBron James to help hype up the new electric SUV, which looks to compete with Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck. The company originally was set to reveal the Hummer EV in May, but COVID-19...

Panasonic to Increase Energy Density of Tesla Batteries By 20%

Panasonic has been a leading provider for batteries and cells, especially in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. With a growing demand for sustainable and efficient energy, the competition between cell providers is fierce. The company has been supplying 2170 lithium-ion cells to Tesla, for the Model 3 vehicle in 2017. The energy density of these […]

Cambridge Adds 7 Electric Vehicles to Fleet for Building Inspectors

The City of Cambridge in Ontario, Canada, has announced it has added seven electric vehicles to its fleet, part of ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. The vehicles are not Teslas, but 2020 Chevrolet Bolt models, which are 100 per cent battery powered. These new electric vehicles will be used by Cambridge building inspectors....

New Tesla Superchargers Open in New Jersey and Ontario, Canada

There is absolutely no slowing Tesla down. Supercharge recently announced that the company has opened new superchargers in Ontario, Canada and New Jersey. Tesla Motors Club user ‘gavine’ said that Tesla had plans to open Superchargers in New Jersey since 2018. These twelve superchargers have been installed at Deptford Mall in Deptford, New Jersey. The […]