Hansshow Tesla Model 3 SR+ Audio Upgrade Kit on Sale with Coupon Code



Hansshow model 3 premium audio upgrade

If you want to upgrade the audio on your Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+), check out the sale right now on this do-it-yourself kit from Hansshow, makers of Tesla accessories, if you use our 5% off discount code TNSPEAKER.

This Tesla Model 3 SR premium audio upgrade kit will activate the original six speakers in your car and bring improved surround sound. Hansshow says its kit was designed by German tuning masters and will improve the mid-range, high-frequency sounds in your car.

The Hannshow Tesla Model 3 SR+ audio upgrade kit has four options–save 5% off the following prices with TNSPEAKER:

If you want to improve the car audio of your Tesla Model 3 SR+, these kits from Hansshow will make it happen.

Hansshow Tesla Model 3 SR+ premium audio upgrade kit specs:

  • Treble baseline 20W
  • Mid-bass 65W
  • Bass front end 200W
  • Power amplifier signal-to-noise ratio 98Db
  • Power amplifier output 8 channels, each channel peak power 110W

You can save 5% off all of these Hansshow Tesla Model 3 premium audio upgrade kits by using our 5% off coupon code TNSPEAKER, but to save 15% off Hansshow site-wide, use code TESLANORTH towards the popular frunk/trunk power kits and more.

Click here to visit Hansshow’s website to buy the Tesla Model 3 SR+ premium audio upgrade kits–free shipping worldwide is included! Don’t forget the 5% off coupon code TNSPEAKER. Use TESLANORTH for 15% off other Hansshow products too.


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