Stories by Sarah Lee-Jones

Mazda Makes Its First EV Slower to Feel More Similar to a Gas Car

Mazda’s approach to electric cars has been controversial from the beginning and it seems the carmaker won’t stop from having an original way of building its EV. The Japanese auto manufacturer intends to make its MX-30 SUV feel more like a gas car by purposely tuning the car in this direction. This is highly likely […]

Tesla Willing to Give $1 Million to Hackers Who Succeed in Cracking Its Car

Tesla’s efforts to deliver unhackable cars have translated into significant investments into its cybersecurity over the last years and 2020 finds the electric company even more willing to remove any vulnerability from its cars. The company plans to return to Pwn2Own, a hacking competition held in Vancouver, and challenge the participating hackers to crack its […]

Tesla's Afforestation Tasks Might Be More Complex Than Planned

Tesla recently acquired a 300-hectare property in Germany for its Gigafactory 4. Building the facility requires significant tree removal, yet the company plans to plant three times more trees than the ones cut down. However, carrying out this task might not be as easy as expected. After negotiating the purchase contract earlier this month, the […]

Tesla Mobile App Might Be Updated With New In-Car Search Capabilities

Searching various Tesla vehicle-specific functions via the dedicated mobile app might be simplified in the future according to a recent tweet from Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. While you can currently do that by using the voice controls or Tesla’s native touchscreen, adding features to enable search from anywhere in the car is an update many […]

Tesla Moves Forward and Acquires Land for Its European Gigafactory

Tesla’s plans to sell cars in markets around the world get one step closer to reaching fruition as the company has negotiated a great price for the European plant land. According to several details that have been released, the electric car manufacturer will acquire the 300-hectare property for just $45.48 million. Given that the company […]

Tesla Roadster and How It All Began

Tesla is the most popular brand when it comes to electric vehicles, but did you know that the Roadster model was the first released on the market? Tesla emerged in 2003, out of the desire to provide affordable EV to those with a conscience toward the environment. Elon Musk joined Tesla in 2004 and, in […]