Stories by Peter McGuthrie

Tesla Plans to Raise $5 Billion in New Share Offering

After plans to sell $5 billion (USD) in shares a few months ago, Tesla’s (TSLA) stock price has continued to shoot through the roof, even after the sale. And now, the company plans to make another big sale of its shares. On Tuesday, Tesla announced plans to raise $5 billion for the second time this […]

Toyota Announces Electric SUV for Europe Coming in 2021

Toyota plans to unveil a brand new European-style electric SUV in 2021, before releasing the rest of an all-electric line, as reported by Autocar. The unnamed model will be similar in size to the CR-V and is set to be built at the company’s all-electric factory in Japan. It will also be the company’s first […]

Tesla Owner in Romania Builds Homemade Powerwall [VIDEO]

As Tesla continues to grow within the global electric vehicle (EV) market, certain regions will inevitably miss out on certain products. However, inventive Tesla owners will also go an incredibly long way to build their own working hardware, as is the case with one customer from Romania. Reddit user u/claudiusasu, a Tesla owner from Romania, […]

UK Examines EV Charging Sector to Fight Range Anxiety

Along with many countries and regions, the United Kingdom is taking a serious inventory of its electric vehicle (EV) industry, in order to help honor its commitment to its self-dubbed “green industrial revolution.” The United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is now inspecting the EV market and its charging infrastructure within the country, and […]

Tesla Ordered to Pay Model S Owner in China for Hiding Damage

  While Tesla is certainly known for its contributions to the future world of zero-emission vehicles, it’s also known for a few, slightly more infamous reasons – one of which is the company’s terrible track record with quality control. A ruling made by a Beijing court mandates that Tesla must pay a Model S owner, […]

Tesla Model 3 Performance Reviewed by Savage Geese [VIDEO]

Tesla is no newcomer to the world of automobiles like they once were. Now, they’re one of the biggest automakers on the planet, and their cars have become synonymous with both modern ideals of luxury, and the fight against climate change through transportation. In a new video uploaded Friday by popular YouTube channel savagegeese, the […]

Tesla Model Y Heated Steering Wheel Teased by Voice Commands

A post on Reddit has verified that a heated steering wheel may well be coming soon. The post, as shared by user u/enjoyvelvet on the Tesla Motors subreddit, shows an on-screen message on the owner’s infotainment system which states it “failed to turn on steering wheel heater.” To this, the owner responds with a caption […]

Tesla Shanghai-Made Model 3 Includes Refreshed Headlights

One of the major upgrades of the Tesla 2021 Model 3 Refresh is in its headlights. The new headlights project a light beam that is both brighter, more-focused, and wider than the previous light, a substantial increase in driver safety. And now, we have seen the refreshed headlights in a new, upcoming Model 3, and […]

SpaceX Starlink Dish Snowy Weather Speed Test [VIDEO]

With Starlink internet now being publicly beta tested in parts of the U.S and Canada, and a number of other companies also chomping at the bit to begin low-Earth orbit testing, many rural North Americans are looking forward to the benefit of improved internet connection. Even in the snow, SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet looks to […]

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Ranks First in China According to ADAS Tests

In a new ranking of multiple advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) popular in China from 42Mark, the Tesla Model 3’s Full Self-Driving landed first place in a set of criteria that takes multiple situations and environments into account (via @Ray4Tesla; translated). The made-in-China (MIC) Model 3 landed a total score of 283, with the BMW X5, […]

Tesla Now Gives Free Access to Repair Manuals, Service Info and More

By doing a little maneuvering around the company’s website, one can gain access to repair manuals, service information, vehicle diagnostics, and more, according to a Tweet from user @greentheonly on Thursday. The tweet explains the process, in which the owner must create an account on Tesla’s service page and set the country to China, with […]