Tesla Acquires Plot of Land South of Gigafactory Shanghai, Report Says

Photo: T-Study on YouTube (via Tesmanian)

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai has been hard at work since its completion last year, even expanding to include a new Supercharger factory earlier this year.

Internal sources discovered that Tesla is likely buying a 460,000 square-meter plot of land to the south of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai, according to Tesmanian. The land, as sold by the city of Shanghai, was to be dedicated to a new energy vehicle manufacturing facility, and was reported by shtdsc.com to have transferred ownership to a company as early as March 1.

The documents published relating to the land contained an ad with some street names and the boundaries of the plot, which YouTube channel T-Study later analyzed to determine the approximate location of the new land – as contained in the figure above. The plot of land will cost the owner RMB 14,925 (~$2,308 USD) per square meter, with the total plot expected to cost over $1 billion (USD) with buildings included.

In the documents, it specifies that the site must begin construction within six months after the transfer of land for use, and if Tesla is acquiring it, we know from their past work on Gigafactories they probably won’t waste any time waiting to develop the plot.

According to T-Study, the site is expected to have legal tenders completed as soon as March 29, though there’s still a chance that Tesla could not receive the land – especially given that the report is largely still a rumor at this point.