Tesla Model 3 Deliveries are Ready in Israel, Report Says

Earlier this year, Tesla began taking Model 3 orders from customers in Israel. Now, many of those orders are set for delivery, according to new reports.

Tesla follower Sawyer Merritt reported Wednesday approximately 238 Tesla Model 3s have arrived in Israel and are set for delivery by the end of the month.

While the first 70 or so deliveries took place late last month, this next set of deliveries will round out most of the company’s first round of orders in Israel, with more deliveries expected to happen throughout the year.

In Israel, the Tesla Model 3 starts at NIS 179,000 ($53,745 USD), steadily increasing upward from there. While some Israeli taxi drivers are hoping to get Model 3s for their businesses to cut down on tax costs, the Israeli government is not yet allowing Model 3 sales to taxi drivers.

Tesla built Israel’s first V3 Supercharger in Tel Aviv earlier this month, and the company has plans to add more throughout Israel later this year. The company also announced last year that it would be building a service center somewhere in Israel.

Beyond just doing business in EVs with Israel, Tesla also recently partnered with Israeli company Nofar Energy to construct a new power storage station in the country.