First Tesla Deliveries in Israel Set to Arrive This Week



Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) can now be purchased in Israel, as of the last few weeks. And soon, the first customers’ purchases will already be arriving, according to a new update.

Globes reported Monday that Tesla’s first 70 cars are headed for Ashdod, Israel, aboard the Grand Mediterraneo carrier, set to be unloaded Saturday, February 27.

The cars are being shipped from the United States, Tesla’s home country, and will include as many as 50 additional models heading to Israel in March.

While Tesla’s first sales in Israel will largely be the Model 3 sedan, with a few others purchasing the Model S and Model X, the Model Y doesn’t yet have a firm timeline for sale within the country.

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus price starts at NIS 179,213 ($54,351.27 USD), while the Model S costs between NIS 420,000 and 739,000 ($127,376.56-$224,122.09 USD), and the Model X between NIS 446,000 and NIS 645,000 ($135,261.77-$195,614 USD).

Tesla also has plans to open Supercharger stations in Tel Aviv and Haifa, and claims to have plans for several more stations throughout 2021. As the company expands the nation’s charging infrastructure, it’ll likely see its customer base expand too.

Regardless, the first shipment is just days away, which means Tesla customers in Israel are (hopefully) just weeks away from owning their very first of the US electric car line.


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